Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flying Dragon!

Ok, one more China Glaze and then perhaps I will start posting about other brands again. ;)

Here is Flying Dragon, from the Ink collection of last fall. First off, how awesome is that name? Flying Dragon? Hellz yes!
FD is a sparkly neon purple. Umm, sparkly + neon + purple? Hellz yes again! haha. It actually isn't as neon as I would have liked ... while it is definately bright and will never be mistaken for purple, I wish it was just a tad brighter. The sparkle is definately not lacking, it's full of hot pink and baby blue glittah. Makes it awful to take off, awesome to have on. ;) Oh, and one more thing. The neon and the glitter make this matte and bumpy. I've got a coat of Seche Vite on here; I wasn't feeling the whole bumpy thing. hehe.
I was all set to write a glowing review of this polish when I first applied it. But then after about 12 hours of wear, it chipped. Like, not a little oops-I-dinged-my-nail-extra-hard-on-that-bookshelf kind of chip, I mean like 5 big ones that made me sad. :( It seemed like it was cracking ... like that chocolate sauce that crackles when you stick it on icecream ... except this was my nails and I didn't want them to be crackly! hehe.
But if you don't mind either having to fix chips after a hours or only wearing if for a few hours before taking it off (like I did), then you should definately buy this. Actually, you should buy this just because of the name. And maybe the glitter. :)


  1. For some reason, this is a hate it or love it color...I really liked it! I didn't have any chipping problems, though. I don't know why, but your blog doesn't update on my blogroll/blogs I'm following list...do you have any ideas?

  2. Asian Girl - It's not that I didn't like this color - I loved it! - it's just that the chipping really irritated me.
    As to the updating issue, I have no idea. I've noticed that when I've been on your blog and a few other blogs ... although on some blogs it does update. Ack, freaky technology! haha.

  3. Love the coloron you! I haven't worn it yet. God to know about the cracking. Hope it doesn't happen to me.

  4. This color is awesome ! I love this shade of purple and it's sparkly too....yammm....just my taste :-) thank you for showing me this one !