Thursday, May 21, 2009

Essie Summer Collection 2009 Preview

Alright, look at this link I got in my inbox the other day, previewing Essie's Summer collection. Essie, what happened?! The Winter collection was amazing, as was the Spring one, and the North Forks and the Neons. Now we get this blah, boring, tame collection? Booo! I mean, sure, they look like pretty pinks and reds, but how many pretty pinks and reds has Essie come out with in its lifetime? Countless ones. :(


  1. I thought the same thing. What happened? I think summer is the time for bright colors.

  2. Lucy - Yeah, this MIGHT have been ok for a Spring collection ... maybe. It seems like this is a repeat of all the boring colors from the Spring collection, with a few more pinks added in. And no Mesmerize! :(