Sunday, May 17, 2009

Zoya Tallulah

Say hello to Tallulah! I had to look up Tallulah on Wikipedia after I got this one, as I couldn't figure out why everyone was naming their nail polish Talllulah (there was another company that named a polish Tallulah, I can't remember who just now, blonde moment!). So now I know. What can I say, I was born in 1991 and my family doesn't watch many movies. haha!
Anyways, about the polish. SUCH A COOL COLOR! I was thinking of ways to describe it, and I came up with deep cool blue like the sea, but also bright hot blue like the middle of a very hot flame. So cool, yet warm. Ahh, love it.
Tallulah is from Zoya's summer collection Ooh-La-La, which Zoya claims is a collection of metallics. I beg to differ. While the polishes in this collection are certainly very shimmery and lovely, I would never call them metallic if I was asked to describe their finish. I actually don't like metallic polish that much if it's not silver, gold, etc. (one of the reason I didn't get any China Glaze Romantiques), so I'm not too sad about it. :)
Tallulah applied like a dream, and looks really good on. It made my dad comment on my improved application skills ... they really haven't improved very much, but the polish made it look like a pro applied it! Yay!

p.s. In the pictures I've got polish all over my cuticles, so sorry about that. I put it on right before leaving on a camping trip and didn't have time to clean up before leaving!


  1. Looks pretty on you. Tallulah Bankhead was an interesting actress. I've seen a few movies with her. It is a beautiful shade. How fun going camping. Let me know how your trip turned out.

  2. Lucy - I'm so not a fan of camping, so I wasn't exactly thrilled about this camping trip. ;) We went to this park called Ink's Lake, it's close to Austin, so it's in the hill country and it was super pretty. We were expecting it to be really hot, as May in TX counts as summer, but it got pretty cool, down to the 60's most of the time. We swam anyways though, crazy us! The trip turned out fun, but it did serious damage to my nails! hehe.

  3. I just got a pedicure and I saw Tallulah and I just HAD to get it! It's just such a fresh cool color! I LOVE it! =) I hope it stays for awhile! I can't part with it just yet! lol

  4. Anonymous - Yay for you! :) Thankfully, pedis DO last quite a while longer than manis, so hopefully yours will last a couple weeks at least. :)