Friday, May 15, 2009

Searing Pink Brightness

Hola chicas! I have Zoya's Ali for you today. Ali is from Zoya's new summer collection La-Di-Da, and she is neon pink. Like, super neon pink. :D Like, hurts-your-eyes-to-look-at-it neon pink. It's effing awesome!
Y'all know that I normally don't like pink polish ... but I really really really love Ali. She makes my day.
Application was lovely and smooth, I only needed 2 coats to get full on neon hottness. :)
Oh, and a disclaimer about the picture. While my camera made Ali seem bright, it didn't make her seem neon. Rest assured, I'm not crazy. Ali really is neon. It's just that cameras have a hard time wrapping their little heads around neon nail polishes ... so neons never show neon. So just take the picture and make it about 5x neon-er in your head and you've got the right picture. ;)


  1. Love this color. The more you read blogs and see the pictures, the more polish you want. I'm not crazy about French manicures. But you never know what will happen!Love the color on you. I think your writing is also getting better. More content is good.

  2. That's a bright and beautiful color! It looks like it applied well, too. Zoya's are very nice polishes.

  3. Lucy - Thanks! And I very much agree about reading nail blogs ... they are both a very great blessing and a curse! At least, a curse to my wallet. ;)
    Mary - Yes, it did apply extremely well. I lurve Zoya's formula.