Saturday, May 23, 2009

Zoya America

I just want to break out and sing God Bless America when I think of this name. :D Actually, I don't just want to break and sing, I do break out and sing, b/c that's what I do. Not a shy person by any means! Plus, once you've been in choir 7 yrs, you don't really care who you sing in front of. ;)
Anywho, about the polish. America is from the La-Di-Da collection, and is a true tomato red. It's a bit bluer than the picture shows. Not a terribly unique color, but my stash of reds is sadly underdeveloped, so I don't really have any color like this besides Rimmel Passion, and that is a good deal oranger than this.
Application was bea-uuuuu-tiful, perfection in 2 coats. I wore it to my piano recital, I like red nails with the black and white piano. :) My sister wore China Glaze Wagon Trail ... she always refuses to wear 'normal' colors, she only liked the dirtier, funkier colors, like Wagon Trail and Lincoln Park After Dark and Essie Sag Harber. :)
Oo boy, got off on a tangent. I do that a lot. haha.
I know I said this before when I posted about OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress, but I just love red nail polish. Some people think that it looks overdone or cheap or whatever, but red nails make me think of sexy confidence. Plus they make me feel like a femme fatale. This particular red reminds me of Marilyn Monroe, whom I looove.


  1. That's a beautiful red. Looks really pretty on you. I haven't worn mine yet. Does your sister play an instrument also? Do you still sing in a choir. I used to be in choir when I was in school. But I'm not good singing in public alone. Too scary and I don't thing I make a solo singer. When I wear red polish I also think about Marilyn and actress' from that era. Your so right about the sexy confidence.

  2. Lucy - My sister sings and plays piano (she also has a french horn but has yet to find a teacher). I sing and play piano and flute. No, I am not in choir anymore, I was in choir for 7 yrs in Indianapolis while we lived there (it was called the Indianapolis Children's Choir and I was able to go to Russia with them, super fun! :)), but since we moved to Houston 2 years ago I haven't been in choir. I plan to be in choir in college in the fall though! :)

  3. Wow Faith that is really exciting. Russia must have been fantastic. How old were you when you went? All I got to go to was a few other schools at Christmas. That's really great that your so talented musically and instrumentally. I played trombone in school for a while. Unfortunately I could never remember how to read notes.

  4. Lucy - Russia WAS fantastic, I loved every minute of it. I turned 13 the day we left. :)
    Trombone! That's awesome! My mom tried to play trombone, but she is short so she could never reach 7th position. :D