Friday, May 1, 2009

Today I have for you my First. Yellow. Nail. Polish. Ever. And I really like it. :)
Yellow seems like a very tough color to pull off, nail-wise, and so I balked a bit before taking the yellow plunge. hehe. But this color plunge definately paid off. Just look at that beautiful yellow! It's another Piggy Polish, this time called Dog Daisies of Summer, and another super cool 'floaty' color. (now that name, I don't like. Dog Daisies of Summer? Duuuumb.)
From what I've read on other nail blogs, yellows are generally streaky and a general PITA to apply. But this was pure gorgeousness. I used 3 coats in the above picture, and while you can still see VNL (Visible Nail Line), somehow I don't mind. Normally, I hate VNL with a passion. Maybe I'm sick? Or maybe I just really like DDoS. :)
Like Lily's Pad, this color seems to glow. I'm likening it to sunshine through lemondrops. Make any sense at all? It makes sense to me. haha!
So, in summary, beautiful color, beautiful application, sunshine through lemondrops.


  1. That's a great yellow! Piggie polishes are really nice. I love the green on you posted too :)

  2. Pretty shade of yellow. Looks very pretty on you. I love yellow nail polish. I have about 4 or 5 bottles. They're all different.

  3. Mary - Thanks! :)
    Lucy - Thanks as well. I've got Zoya Pippa on order ... so that'll make 2 for me. :)